Learn How to Protect Your Horse

Dr. Scooter Brown DVM  

Dr. Scooter Brown, DVM  discusses the importance of feeding small frequent portions to combat common equine digestive health ailments like ulcers and colic.



Save Money, Save Feed, Save Time.

Our customers regularly save 30% in feed costs when they start feeding with iFEED.

Feeding your horse many small meals frequently will significantly improve the nutritional uptake of the feed, and as importantly will help keep insulin levels balanced. This will result in having to feed your horse less while still maintaining a healthy body condition.
Optimized nutritional uptake also means less manure which in return means less labor.
Horses thrive on routine. Good feed management is important for their overall health physically and mentally. The iFEED automatic slow feeder saves you time, and gives you peace of mind by feeding your horse on time every time.



Feed the Way Nature Intended

Horses are designed for grazing. With iFEED they can do just that from the stall.

In nature, horses will graze 18-20 hours a day and will never have a full stomach or an empty stomach. As grazing animals, horses’ stomachs produce acid constantly (as opposed to humans who only produce acid when food reaches the stomach). Saliva is acid neutralizing and horses only produce saliva when they chew. Feeding many small portions throughout the day and night helps prevent acid from pooling in the stomach causing ulcers and other digestive health issues.

iFEED allows you to feed dozens or even hundreds of small portions each 24 hour period. This mimics grazing and improves the health of your horse. We recommend starting with 10-12 feedings per day. iFEED breaks each feeding into small portions delivered in 30 second intervals to further increase chewing time and protect your horses digestive system.



Don’t Just Treat Disease. Prevent It.

There are 90,000 cases of equine colic per year, and 80% or more of performance horses have gastric ulcers. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Colic is second only to old-age as the leading cause of death in horses. How we are currently feeding our horses is the single biggest contributor to the health issues horses suffer today. Colic and ulcers are rarely found in horses that are fed properly.

Unfortunately we have become accustomed to curing rather than preventing medical conditions. To treat ulcers, many horse owners spend $900 or more each month on medication that is a temporary treatment.

At iFEED we believe in prevention and resolving the underlying cause of health issues, not just treating symptoms.

In our 20 years of experience, iFEED has proven that feeding horses multiple small meals throughout the day and night virtually eliminates ulcers and greatly reduces the risk of colic. Proper digestive health means lower vet bills, quicker recovery from injury, reduced stress and better performance.

iFEED is safe for horses in all stages of life.