Today’s domesticated horse is typically fed two or three times daily, to accommodate busy schedules. When asked how much feed is given to their horse at each meal, many horse owners refer to volumes where scoops or coffee cans are a unit of measure, rather than actual weight in pounds and ounces. These larger amounts of feed provided 1 to 3 times a day may be convenient and labor efficient for owners, however are not ideal for the horse's overall health.

Horses are grazing animals that, in a natural state, would spend the majority of the day eating. Horses in the wild rarely suffer from the same physical (colic and ulcers) and emotional (stall vices and anxiety) afflictions that plague domesticated horses. With stomachs that are relatively small and digestive tracts designed to accommodate many small meals throughout the day, controlled and timed feeding of horses is crucial to keeping your horses healthy and happy.

The innovative technology of iFEED was developed with your horse’s health in mind. By allowing horse owners to divide meals into multiple small (1-2 ounce) timed feedings stretched over 24 hours, you are able to provide more natural conditions for your horse. The iFEED system consists of a low voltage power supply with a built-in timer and the patented iFEED hopper. The power supply/timer can operate from 1 to 80 hoppers and determines how often you feed your horse. The hopper is installed on the inside or outside (recommended) of each individual stall. Depending on your horses’ age and activity level you can now customize how much each individual horse is fed by setting the portion control inside the hopper. We recommend 10-12 feedings in a 24-hour period.