28 Years of Healthier Horses

iFEED believes that nature is best at determining how horses should eat. To that end, we make it simple and cost effective to feed your horse small portions dozens of times each day. 

Over 80% of performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers, and equine vets treat 90,000 cases of colic per year. We think that means something is drastically wrong. This equine digestive health epidemic is not a problem with the way horses digest food, but with the way people feed horses.
  In 1995, Christian T. Dahl set out to develop an easy to use, cost effective method of delivering small portions frequently over the course of the day and night. For many years, iFEED was available primarily in Denmark, and is the preferred way to feed horses there. Since then, it has grown to become the leading automatic slow feeder across Europe, delivering millions of small portions consistently each year, and improving horse health in the process.

iFEED holds a US and International Utility Patent for its feed activator and dispenser technology, and is now available worldwide.

Horse owners and veterinarians know that horses should eat small portions frequently. With iFEED, it is easy and cost effective to do so.

We are passionate about revolutionizing horse health and delivering unparalleled value. Join the thousands of satisfied iFEED customers and start feeding your horse like a horse!