iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

iFEED technology offers horse owners a new and significantly healthier way to feed their beloved animals. With the iFEED automatic feeders for horses, owners are now able to return horses to more natural conditions when feeding. The innovative technology helps both owners and horses best manage feedings, and has shown to be especially beneficial to horses that spend the majority of their time in stall confinement.

Many of the methods still being used during feeding time have severe negative impacts on the overall health of our horses. Having evolved as grazing animals, horses bodies are designed to consume and digest small amounts of feed throughout the day. Assessments of wild horses rarely find GI tract disorders such as colic and ulcers, because they feed in the best manner for their digestive design. Domesticated horses, on the other hand, have been forced by busy livestyles to adjust to a feeding schedule where they are typically fed larger amounts of concentrates, twice to three times daily, with forage in between. While this method of feeding is convenient for busy schedules, it is not even close to ideal for keeping horses healthy, both mentally and physically.

When we feed our horses, is just as important as what we feed our horses. And while there are still many horse owners struggling with how to best feed their horse, automatic feeders for horses have proven to be the best solution. With colic being the number one killer of horses, and 25% to 50% of foals and 60% to 90% of performance horses suffering from devastating ulcers, it is now time for a revolution in how we feed these treasured animals.

iFEED’s automatic feeders for horses help lower these statistics and even prevent these conditions by letting you control of when, how often, and how much your horse is fed. Our feeding systems simulate grazing, the best method of feeding for both the physical and mental wellbeing of your horse. In addition to optimal digestion, natural feeding schedules engage horses continually throughout the day and can help avoid the development of stall vices, lower aggression and stress around feeding time. No more anxiety while waiting around hungry - only to bolt their food when it is finally served. Horses are creatures of habit and do not thrive on changes in their routine.

While horses feel the health benefits of an iFEED system, owners can reap the benefits of healthier horses, schedule flexibility, less feed wasted, less labor and less stress! Contact us today about our automatic feeders for horses. We will gladly see how we can help you and your horse specifically.